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    Chat, BBS, IRC, all of it is just an exchange of text messages. I do understand the need for Discord Servers and GUI clients just to exchange messages. To each his/her own I guess.

    No GUI? Do you not use Windows or any sort of GUI environment? And have you ever used instant messengers such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AOL Instan Messenger, etc.? Most of the software I've used in the last 25+ years or

    One of my favorite IRC programs is mIRC (for Windows). I used to use it lot, and after a while I decided to buy a registration code for it due to

    Of course I have but while working for an ISP I was taught to move away fro the GUI stuff. It was much more productive to use CLI. I can have 10 ssh windows open on my system without windows applications sucking up memory. He I just noticed this thread is in Dovenet/Advertisements. Anyone else notice that?

    that's because a discord server was advertised.
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