• Re: Static IPs on Debian 9 (Stretch)

    From Vk3jed@VERT/FREEWAY to Dan Clough on Mon May 27 04:48:00 2019
    On 05-26-19 08:22, Dan Clough wrote to Vk3jed <=-

    I'm not a Debian expert, but I do use a couple of Raspberry Pi's
    running Raspbian (which is basically Debian Stretch). What has
    always worked fine for me is to edit /etc/dhcpcd.conf and just add
    the following block on to the end of the file:

    interface wlan0
    static ip_address=
    static routers=
    static domain_name_servers=

    That's it. Obviously adjust IP's and maybe the interface name to

    Hmm, and IPv6 as well? Spose all I can do is give it a try. :)

    Just had a look. Looks like my system is using dhclient. I've added the equivalent options (for IPv4) to dhclient.conf.

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