From NuSkooler@FREEWAY to Troy Tuttle on Thu Feb 20 23:43:57 2020
    On Thursday, February 20th Troy Tuttle was heard saying...
    Just wondering if any folks are running pure DOS setups for their BBS? I decided to make things a challenge and go this route with mine. So I'm running 6.22 with QEMM/Desqview on a P4 right now. Just one node right now but once I get things running smoothly I'll up it to two nodes. I'm using Portal of Power as a front-end with RA 2.62 for the BBS itself. I've got TCP/IP running so I use binkd for DOS to actually send and receive mail.
    So I figured if anyone has any good DOS/QEMM/Desqview tips might as well share'em.

    I think you're way far ahead of me for what I use QEMU for BBS-wise, but I do run some DOS doors under QEMU on my board.

    I have some of it documented here: https://nuskooler.github.io/enigma-bbs/modding/local-doors.html

    I'd like to get around to putting up a sub-board on a physical DOS machine I have here maybe running Oblivion/2.

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