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    From LockeDown@CRBBSNET to Netsurge on Mon Jul 8 17:31:47 2019
    On 08 Jul 2019, Netsurge said the following...

    I was also being lazy and not wanting to run a nightly IBBS maint and hours maint. I know ideally they only need to be once a day but I lik to see things sync a little sooner when possible :) But I will at lea add a nightly maint script for the specific nightly processes.

    The way they roll the days is really stupid. They could have at least
    put in some sort of flag that prevents the nightly maint from being run more than once a day, like InterLORD has.

    Agree -- least they fixed it for InterLORD.

    I have moved BJ maintenance to nightly one time and will try to play shortly
    so hopefully resolves the issue.

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